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New Travis Hughes Web Part!

One of our promising young guns, demonstrating just a bit of his talent in the SoCal Streets..

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Re-Watch Calvin Kosovich’s Nothing Left To Lose Part!

Very epic release from this past year of Web Parts…Calvin Kosovich went fully in for “Nothing Left To Lose”…

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Panama City, Panama Photo Gallery!

CLICK HERE to check out the Panama City Trip Photos, shot by Devon Hutchins and posted on Vital BMX!

s1200_7 s1200_12

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Catch up with Aaron Smith and The Fresh Press!

Aaron laying down some solid riding, and insight into where he is at right now with his business and shredding…

Aaron Smith: Double Duty – More BMX Videos

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Learn how to Feeble Hard 360 with Jacob Cable!

RIDE BMX caught up with Jacob, to try and teach you his ways behind one of the hottest tricks out right now…

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Behind The Scenes in Panama City, Panama

Video is live now! Enjoy some B-Roll and then watch the full trip video…

“Some Behind The Scenes cuts from our recent adventure to Panama City, Panama. Lots of authority, language barriers, and even more authority…it was a tough city to session, but we had a lot of fun trying, riding with the locals, and experiencing the place. Enjoy some behind the scenes action…”

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Sexton for the ODSY Clutch Coaster

One of the hottest new products on the market, and it has Sexton’s name and style all over it!

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Tanner Jensen Kink Flow Team Video

Enjoy as Tanner puts work into Western, New York!

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Panama City, Panama Trip Video!

After a trip fell through last minute to Honduras (due to some real world problems)…we decided instead of not going anywhere…to find the next best place that was cheap enough to enjoy. Panama City, Panama came to mind. After a few phone calls and text messages to some people that have been there…the tickets were booked, and our luxury sky rise apartment was payed for! Besides that, we didn’t know much about the place, or what we were getting into. Come to find out, the place is stacked. The footage you see is a mere 3% of what there is to ride in the city. Security is super tight, police are everywhere, and it is just plain not easy to ride spots there. You have to take a completely different approach to filming and riding in Panama; one that not many of the dudes are accustomed to. With all the hassles of security, strange people, language barriers, and cops with machine guns…we had an amazing time, and are stoked to have been able to not only ride some new spots, but meet the locals and have an awesome session. Thanks to everyone down there for the hospitality, and especially Ramon Pereira for the help and support during our trip.

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco

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Kink Astro 4130 Sprocket – RIDE BMX Know Your Roll

“The Astro sprocket is super thin and super light, thanks to it being made from the same material as your frame/fork/bars etc. Using heat treated 4130 Chromoly Steel makes this sprocket super strong for being super thin, 4.5mm thin to be exact! Kink used a super space age design to be totally out of this world! For some of you who didn’t look at Porn Hub and Tinder during science class will recognize that the design is that of an atom, not Atom Man from The Simpsons. Using arched triangular shapes, they were able to get the most out of the little bit of material used.” READ MORE HERE…

Astro Sprocket 19mm Spline


Astro Sprocket

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