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Kink BMX Cyber Monday!

It is not too late to take advantage of the crazy weekend sales! Today you can hit up your local shop, or favorite mailorder to take part in the Cyber Monday deals…

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Small Business Saturday!

The best deals this weekend are coming from your local shop!

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Kink BMX Black Friday!

Make sure you cruise through your local shop, or preferred mail-order to get the Black Friday deals on Kink goods!


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Kink Titan Frame

The Titan Frame is a favorite among many of the Kink riders…pictured below is Albert Mercados Signature Trans Copper Colorway, available now along with Chrome, Raw, Flat Black, and Black ED.



Chainstay length of 13.25 when slammed, with investment cast dropouts and integrated chain tensioners. 


75 degree headtube angle, with toptube and downtube gussets. 


Weighs 4lbs 12oz in 20.5″

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Re-Watch Kink BMX in Panama City, Panama!

We battled epic rain, security, and traffic…but it is always worth it! Take a look back at our trip to Central America, in Panama City this past summer…

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RIDE BMX Know Your Roll – Master Clamp

CLICK HERE for more info and photos from our Kink Master Clamp. A unique offering, for anyone that needs, or prefers, a removable Seat Clamp over a built-in one…

Master Clamp

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Desmond Tessemaker 2015 Edit

Desmond chooses some ideal dirt spots, and blasts everything for this new piece from our main man in The Netherlands. Enjoy!

Desmond Tessemaker 2015 from Syo van Vliet on Vimeo.

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The Fullcab How-To With Matt Miller!

RIDE recently caught up with Matt Miller to get some insight, and tips into the fullcab from one of the best to do them!

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Doyle’s Local Spots!

Take a cruise with Chris Doyle and some Pittsburgh locals on a few sessions around town with ESPN…

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Dan Coller – Motivation Interview

CLICK HERE to check out some words from Dan Coller, and some photos from his busy last few months…


Shot by Jake Petruchik

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