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2016 Complete Bike Videos Online!

Our new range of 2016 Complete Bikes is available now, and to go with them…we have just released individual videos for each bike featuring specs and riding from the Kink team! Enjoy and take another through the catalog for even more info and details.

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Kink International Vids!

Desmond Tessemaker in The Netherlands, and Miika Pantsar from Finland with some new vids repping Kink overseas…

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One Hit Wednesday #14 Ft. Connor Lodes

Connor has become known over the past few years to send overgrinds down rails that are scary enough to straight grind. We came upon this setup on the outskirts of Barcelona a few months back and for some reason Connor didn’t seem to sweat it too much…we however, were shocked.

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RIDE BMX Know Your Roll – Stealth Pivotal System

CLICK HERE to get all the info and answers you need on our Kink Stealth Pivotal System from RIDE BMX!

POSTCLOSE-450x600 SEATFULL-600x450

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One Hit Wednesday #13 Ft. Tony Hamlin

Tony is pretty notorious for losing his temper while filming. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to do crazy shit, and when we’re filming for big projects like “Squash It”, it’s even more extreme. Tony was trying this bar manual to feeble switch whip for some time while we were visiting Seoul, South Korea. It was super cold out and also really windy, two factors that you don’t need in your life for barspin to manual lines. Eventually he lost it and sent his bike into this ledge, but since the front of the ledge was banked, the bike went flying, directly into Darryl’s LCD screen. Keep it together, Tony.

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Don’t Miss These Vids!

In the last few weeks Kink Pro Dan Coller, and Kink AM Jake Petruchik, dropped some impressive web pieces…give them a re-watch or enjoy for the first time!

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Marcus Christopher for Dans Comp!

New vid of our youngest team member, Marcus Christopher going huge at 12 years old for Dans…we love this kid!

Marcus Christopher: Welcome to Dan’s Comp – More BMX Videos

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Kristaps Reimanis in Athens!

Kristaps and Par BMX took a trip to Athens, Greece and put it down…enjoy!

parbmx-athens-film-56 parbmx-athens-film-59

PARBMX ATHENS 2015 from PARBMX on Vimeo.

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Learn No-foot Cans like Doyle!

…from the man himself, via RIDE!

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One Hit Wednesday #12 Ft. Albert Mercado

“Albert spotted this caveman while we were filming trip for Squash It in Tucson, AZ. The bridge is obviously stupid high and the bank is super short for the drop, but Albert decided to send it anyway. Luckily the crash only resulted in a few weeks off of his bike, it could have been much more ugly. Albert is an animal.”

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