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West Coast Turn Down The Suck Tour 2015 Info and Dates!



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One Hit Wednesday #9 Ft. Calvin Kosovich

This setup at the famous River Block in Rochester has been sweated for a long time. During last years Turn Down The Suck tour, Calvin shrugged his shoulders and sent it without hesitating. The whole team was there to watch it go down and we were all relieved to see him ride away unscathed. Calvin rules.

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Jake Petruchik – Kink BMX 2015 Part

Effortless style and flow. Jake makes everything look casual and clean…enjoy!

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“Road to Nowhere” ODSY X Vans Video

Sexton, Travis Hughes, and Jacob Cable doing work for the new Vans Shoe colab with Odyssey!

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One Hit Wednesday #8 Ft. Jake Petruchik !

This rail is in the heart of the capital in Austin, Texas. Cops around there do not mess around and I personally prefer to stay away from the area when we are riding street, but this rail and this trick were too perfect for each other. Some other riders happened to cruise by when we were setting up for this one and helped me out with the tripod angle, so shout out to those guys. They didn’t have to sit long, Jake got this one done pretty quickly and we got out of there.

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How-To Toboggan with Albert Mercado!

Albert walks you through the finer points of the Toboggan for RIDE BMX…

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Kink Turn Down The Suck Tour 2015!

If you’re in California…or close enough…come hang!


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One Hit Wednesday #7 Ft. Dan Coller

We were fortunate enough to visit Mexico City in March of 2014. Although we were slightly intimidated by the city’s public perception as crime ridden and violent, we could not have been more pleasantly surprised. The city was vibrant and beautiful, the people were welcoming, and the spots were amazing. This particular plaza was stacked with setups, the scariest being this right side out ledge. Dan stepped up to the feeble 3 and laced it first try, just after Tony Hamlin was nearly arrested for drinking a beer at the base of the stairs. Nice one, Dan.


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2016 Kink Complete Bikes!

Our full 2016 Complete Bike Catalog is online now! Filled with all the details and photos of our new bikes, riding photos, and some words from us…take a look around, enjoy, and wait for their arrival! Bikes will be hitting shops in May…

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Kazique Video!

Our Colombian connect Kazique kills it! Give his latest vid a watch as he puts it down on dirt for Kink…

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