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At Home with Sean Sexton…

Sit back and enjoy as Sean causally takes down House Park during a few sessions…

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Jacob Cable: Vans HB Sessions

Jacob is a machine, and really puts the plaza to work in this piece for Vital…

Jacob Cable: Vans HB Sessions – More BMX Videos

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Luke Vandenberg

Luke is now representing Kink in Australia through ECI BMX on his freshly built Kink Issue Frame…

10810077_470062336459275_1332889799_n lukev-lookback-bur_LR

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Kink Sprockets!

We have always taken pride in our line of strong, reliable, and precision machined sprockets. Our range couldn’t be stronger right now, with options for any kind of rider. CLICK HERE or the photos below, for all the info on our available sprockets…

Astro Sprocket 19mm Spline Astro Sprocket

sprocket_minusone_8125_group-550x367Bedlam Sprocket Bedlam Sprocket

Static Sprocket

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Early Years of Kink on Snakebite BMX

CLICK HERE for a really cool piece of insight into the early years of Kink on Snakebite BMX!


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James Steele and Darryl Tocco on DIG

CLICK HERE or any of the photos to check out a photo feature and interview with James and Darryl from our recent Barcelona trip with DIG BMX.

Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 11.49.14 AMdarryltocco-bmx-sequence darryltocco-jamessteele-bmx-3 darryltocco-jamessteele-bmx-7

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Darryl Tocco: Destination

Enjoy as Darryl snags clips from all over the globe this past year!

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Calvin Kosovich “Closing Time” DVD Section

Calvin is a savage, and no footage of his ever disappoints! Enjoy this section from his “Closing Time” DVD part…

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Popular Kink Apparel for the Holidays

This stuff has been moving fast and is currently available while supplies last at your local Kink retailer, favorite mail-order, and HERE on the Kink Store…

kinkhoodieLock Up IIGrizzly Windbreaker - BackGrizzly Windbreaker - Frontsxtn_script

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In Case You Missed it…November

Here is a quick reminder of things you may have missed online from Kink recently!

Click the image to visit the 20 Years Site!


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