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Insight into The Kink Stealth Pivotal Seat System

Watch this video for a rundown of the Kink Stealth Pivotal Seat System, its benefits, and just how it works!

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Connor Lodes on Kink!

We can finally announce that Connor Lodes is now riding for Kink! CLICK HERE to get the full rundown on his bike setup and some words from the man himself…


IMG_7468 copy

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Chris Doyle and Chad Osburn Split Part

We are stoked to present the Doyle/Chad split part for Kink BMX 2014! These guys both ride fast, stylish, and go high…enjoy!

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Nothing Left To Lose

Watch, re-watch, or just appreciate Calvin Kosovich putting down the hammer in his latest part that dropped last week…



Photo by Matty Miller.

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Doyle NORA Nomination!

Congrats once again to Doyle, on another NORA Cup Nomination for Dirt…

X-Games_Dirt_Finals051-600x400 Dirt-Rider-Mantle

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Chad Osburn Part…

Released a year ago today…and still an amazing watch!

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Calvin Kosovich – Nothing Left To Lose

Calvin just dropped this epic full part for everyones personal enjoyment and inspiration. Give it a full watch, and enjoy!

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Dan Coller Bike Check!

Dan Coller’s Kink setups are always decked out with his parts sponsor Eclat as well. CLICK HERE to check out some detailed photos of the SXTN setup Dan was running all summer. The frame and seat pictured will be available this March 2015…

EXLATX_BikeChecks-1 EXLATX_BikeChecks-5EXLATX_BikeChecks-6


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First Things First with Tony Hamlin!

CLICK HERE to check out a quick few question and answers from Tony, on the We Are Orange Juice blog!


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The Wright Tire!

Watch Lloyd put his new signature tires to work from his release this past August. These guys are available now and can be yours by purchasing from your local Kink retailer or favorite mail-order!

The Wright Tire

Weight: 2.2” 20.6oz / 2.4” 21.3oz
Colors: Black
Available in 2.2” and 2.4” Widths
65PSI Max Tire Pressure
Full Micro-Knurling For Extra Traction
Low Profile Smooth Tread Design
Ideal for Park and Street


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