Chad Osburn

Fresno, CA
Currently In:
Midlothian, TX
Current Kink Frame:
Gsport, Relic

Pure badass

It took one session, at the end of 2010 in Fresno, CA for Chad Osburn to get his start on Kink. A chance encounter at his local park at the time, lead to Chad getting more opportunity to ride, travel, and share his version of riding with the world. With little regard for his personal safety; Chad rides full blast. Hitting quarter pipes, hips, pools, and wallrides with max speed, and style. With an impressive resume of video parts, and web edits, Chad has stacked up quite the highlight reel in the last few years. Never afraid of a good setup in the streets either…Chad can do it all, while holding down a second job, and raising his family. Pure badass.