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Kristaps Reimans – Misson Malaga PT 2!

Latvian Kink Rider Kristaps Reimanis is back with some more fire from his winter escape to Malaga, Spain!


Kink BMX FW18 Apparel Collection Available Now!

Fresh Kink BMX Apparel and Accessories are in stock and available now for the upcoming Fall/Winter season! Check out the full catalog of the new collection below, and CLICK HERE to shop the goods. Ultimate levels of swag have never been more achievable…


We’re Hiring – Marketing Coordinator

Blackout Distribution is now hiring for an in-house Marketing Coordinator position, for its house brands Kink BMX, Cinema BMX and Mission BMX. Blackout is looking for someone passionate in BMX, marketing, and brand strategy to add to the Blackout family of brands! To apply, send an email with your resume and experience to

Location: Rochester, New York
Available: Immediately
Position: Full Time & In-House
Wages: Competitive
Benefits: Health Care Options, Paid Vacation Time, Bonus Plan, Free Product Allowance

Position Overview
The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for working with the brand, creative, product and sales divisions of the company to develop and implement strategies, campaigns and assets that increase brand awareness, create a strong reputation, and ultimately drive sales growth. Day-to-day responsibilities will include planning, implementing, managing, and reporting on all marketing efforts for the company’s house brands.

Position Responsibilities
• Maintain an up-to-date marketing plan that promotes brand awareness and sales growth
• Optimize marketing budgets for promotions, advertising, events, etc.
• Implement and maintain marketing campaign release schedules
• Develop and coordinate new innovative marketing initiatives and campaigns
• Maintain strong relationships with media and advertising outlets
• Updating social media accounts and website content
• Customer relations and support via email and social media
• Identify and manage important event sponsorship and promotional opportunities
• Create and distribute newsletters, press releases, product releases and video releases across all relevant media channels and outlets
• Copywriting for products, video releases, and brand news
• Track, analyze, and report on campaign success, fan growth, web traffic, open rates, etc.
• Establish relationships with the online community by identifying key influencers and communities
• Raise brand awareness and protect brand equity by creating social marketing campaigns using the most appropriate media channels
• Establish consistent engagement with customers as well as our fans to support our brands
• Creating consumer demand through all aspects of the brand
• Coordinating objectives between sales, marketing, creative and design departments
• Continually improving the customer experience, both B2B and B2C
• Assists in developing and executing promotional initiatives to increase sales, working within budgets
• Coordinating product releases and purchasing practices with marketing initiatives
• Analyze market opportunities and competitors to create better brand strategies and achieve company goals
• Maintain a deep understanding of all in-house product lines
• Staying in the know of the global BMX market, bicycle industry, and all internal projects

• Highly reliable, detail oriented and organized
• Excellent time management skills
• Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
• Ability to be self-sufficient, proactive and take initiative
• Ability to meet deadlines, accomplish tasks with minimal supervision and provide accurate and supportive work
• Must be a collaborative team player and work well in group environments
• Willingness to learn and do whatever job needs to be done
• Staying in tune with BMX market trends and competitors
• Strong understanding of BMX culture and products
• Strong understanding of different market segments (ex. B2B and B2C)

Required Software Skills
• High proficiency in Microsoft Office, Google Suite (Gmail, Sheets, Docs) and Dropbox software
• High proficiency with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, MailChimp, etc.
• Intermediate proficiency in WordPress / WooCommerce CMS platforms
• Entry to intermediate proficiency in QuickBooks and ACT! CRM desired but not required
• Entry to intermediate proficiency in Adobe Suite desired but not required

• Bachelor’s degree preferred but not required if sufficient experience

• Minimum 3-4 years of experience in the BMX or a closely related industry


BMX Day Sale!

10% off EVERYTHING in the Kink BMX Web Shop! Going on right now (July 20th) through Sunday, July 22nd.



Brock Olive Web Part Online Now!

Kink Australian Team Rider Brock Olive has quietly been stacking away, and pushing hard in the streets of Australia. Enjoy some of the finest, technical and burly street riding coming out of OZ from this beast!


2019 Kink Bike Videos Are Live!

2019 Kink BMX Complete Bike Videos are online now in full on the Kink Youtube Channel. There is a video breakdown for every model in the current lineup. Filmed and edited by Darry Tocco. We are extremely proud of the 2019 Kink Bike Collection that is available now, along with these videos that not only showcase the bikes themselves, but the lifestyle and culture that they create.


Kink BMX New Wave Tour – Germany!


2019 Kink BMX Bike Collection Videos Trailer

2019 Kink BMX Bike Collection Videos are dropping soon! Stay tuned next week, and watch the trailer to get a preview of whats to come…

“Year in and year out, we do everything we can to improve our bikes through invaluable feedback from our customers, dealers, and distributors. The 2019 Kink BMX Bike Collection is no exception as we strive to create a line that is for beginners, veteran riders, and everyone in between. And as always, we couldn’t be more proud to continue to share our 2019 Bike Collection, with high quality videos that highlight each and every model we offer. Stay tuned as we continue doing our part to make something better.”



Nathan Williams on The Kink Pillar Cranks!

Nathan breaks down the Kink Pillar Cranks a bit, and shares some personal insight, and some “chiller” riding from our Kansas City trip.

BMX cranks


Ride BMX “What I Ride” – Calvin Kosovich

Check out Calvin Kosovich’s recent Kink Mudrunner Frame Build from RIDE BMX!

BMX frame

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