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Big Stu Locked-In at The Source Park!

Kink Connect Stuart Chisholm ripping in Hastings…


Hobie Speaks on Kink CST Forks!

Kink Pro Hobie Doan has been really into our Kink CST Forks since joining the squad, and lays down some insight and shredding to back it up! CLICK HERE for more info and to purchase…


Calvin Kosovich “Headlights” Part Online Now!

Do not miss this masterfully crafted section from Kink Pro Calvin Kosovich in the “Headlights” DVD, playing online now via¬†Our BMX!


Rochester Local News Spotlight!

A few weeks ago News 10 NBC WHEC Rochester stopped by Kink BMX and Blackout Distribution headquarters for a Small Business Spotlight! Get some insight from the bossman himself and a look behind the scenes over here…


Sean Sexton In Safety First! – Kink BMX Cold Cuts Episode 6

Cold Cuts Episode 6 brings us a throwback look at the making of Sean Sextons legendary Kink BMX “Safety First” video part. Enjoy!


2020 Model Year Bike Videos Online Now!

2020 Bikes are in stock and available now, along with the full videos breaking down each bike, playing HERE on the Kink Youtube!


Hobie Drops The Pin in Spain!

Kink Pro Hobie Doan was recently out in Barcelona, and caught up with OUR BMX for a Drop The Pin feature…


What’s Up With The Eagle 4pc Bars?!

Kink Pro Calvin Kosovich quickly lays out why he’s been repping the Kink Eagle 4pc Bars for awhile now, with some backup from Kink AM Jake Petruchik.


The Williams Collection Video Online Now!

Nathan Williams first Signature Collection from Kink BMX, featuring the Williams Frame and Bars, available now! Get yourself some help, and cop the new goods.


Jacob Cable Technically Speaking Part!

Kink AM Jacob Cable just dropped a serious banger of a technical riding section, from his parts sponsor Odyssey BMX! Jacob can be seen riding an array of Kink frames throughout this, including the Kink SXTN, Titan, and Titan II Frames…

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