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Calvin Kosovich joins the Pro Team!

Calvin has been a part of Kink for a few years now, and we are proud to officially add him to the Kink Pro Team for 2017! After helping Calvin make the move to the USA from Perth, Australia, he has been working his ass off in front and behind the camera while residing in Southern California. Calvin is the epitome of how staying true to yourself, working hard, and always pushing will get you to the next level. We are stoked to continue supporting Calvin and to see what he continues to produce for Kink and BMX this year!

CLICK HERE for an Interview with Calvin on getting to SoCal, the new video, and going pro!


Chris Doyle – Long Story Short

CLICK HERE to check out a new “Long Story Short” feature from DIG BMX with Kink Pro Chris Doyle!


Hacksaw / Ryan Cork Video!

Check out Kink and Blackout BMX employee Ryan O’Rourke taking to choice spot selections in Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas and Rochester, NY!


Dan Coller on Eclat Pro!

Kink Pro Dan Coller joins the Eclat Pro Team with this new banger!


Sexton, Osburn and Tocco One Day in Monterrey!

Follow Kink Pros Sean Sexton, Chad Osburn and Darryl Tocco as they make the trek from Austin, Texas to Monterrey, Mexico for a day out with Prisen Co. Bike Shop and the locals!



Learn crooks from our newest Kink Pro Travis Hughes! Travis gives you the full rundown from Woodward West on RIDE BMX


RIDE BMX How-To with Jacob Cable!

Catch a session with Kink AM Jacob Cable from the latest RIDE BMX How-To, as Jacob runs you through the feeble hop up manual!


Max Bergmann in Montpellier!

Our German connect Max Bergmann repping on his Kink Redwood Frame during a recent month long trip to Montpellier, France.


Travis Hughes Bike Check!

Kink Pro Travis Hughes breaks down his current Kink SXTN Frame build for this TCU Bike Check!


Chad Osburn Kink Mudrunner Video!

Kink Pro Chad Osburn going full throttle through The Southwest, USA. Ripping on his Matte Trans Copper Kink Mudrunner Frame Colorway, available now, worldwide.

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