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2013 in Kink Edits!

We started off the year with one of my favorite watches for 2013…The Kink Travel Retrospective…

Some would say this trip went a little bit unnoticed by the general public…we took a BMX trip using a cruise ship! WTF right?

We premiered our 3rd full length DVD; Squash It!

We made the annual trip to Vegas for Interbike…

We added Australian rail boss, Calvin Kosovich to the family…

Chad Osburn put out a well received web part…

We added the homie Bob Randel to the family…

James Steele finished up a web part we’d been working on for a good part of the year. This was one of my personal highlights for the year. Traveling and filming for this throughout the year was so much fun. James went hard for Canada and for Kink.


"Squash It" Now Online!

We have uploaded our recent DVD release “Squash It” online! It is now available to watch all the way through, or section by section on OUR YOUTUBE PAGE…Enjoy!


Crazy Toms New Zealand Trip!

Crazy Tom recently put together a rad edit documenting nearly his entire trip to New Zealand at the beginning of the year. It is a very interesting and cool watch with and without him shredding. Tom has also joined the newly formed Jaunt team…you can check out what they are all about HERE.

Tom Dillon NZ from Live Jaunt on Vimeo.



Squash It Premiere Info!

The info for the 4 major premieres is below. There are a ton of shop premieres going down later in May, more info on those soon!



Jeff Z Photo Site!

Check it out HERE and enjoy a bunch of snaps from one of the best in the game.

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Crazy Tom Sighting!

Towards the end of this rad edit from Queenstown, New Zealand Crazy Tom starts ripping!

A Week In Heaven by Jack Birtles from Jack Birtles on Vimeo.


Crazy Tom Update!

Crazy Tom has been bouncing around New Zealand the past month hanging out, partying and riding. His buddy Richie Dagger snapped these shots of Tom in Queenstown…

IMG_6612 IMG_6607 jpg-jpg


"Squash It" Trailer #2

The second and final trailer for “Squash It”. Stay tuned for release dates and premiere info over the next few months. Turn your volume up and enjoy!

Kink BMX “Squash It” Trailer #2 from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

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