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Tony Hamlin 5 Years Of Solace!

We honor Tony Hamlin and all the work he has put in repping his signature Kink Solace Series for 5 years strong, with some highlights through the years from our major Kink video releases. SHOP TONYS SOLACE SERIES HERE!


Kink Turn Down The Suck Tour 2015!

If you’re in California…or close enough…come hang!



One Hit Wednesday #3 – Chad Osburn

We passed by this skatepark one morning while on a filming trip in Northern California for Squash It. Chad casually pulled up next to the van at a nearby traffic light and said something about wanting to loop the full pipe we had just passed. The skaters at the park weren’t stoked that we were there, that is until they figured out what Chad wanted to try. A few run ups later and Chad charged it, the craziest thing we’ve ever seen. He actually loses contact with the pipe at around 11 o’clock, only to be miraculously caught and saved. Wild.


Nora Cup – Squash It!

Our recent full length DVD release is nominated for Video of the year!



And can also be watched in full via our Kink Youtube Page


Throwback: Tony Hamlin Solace Series Edit!



"Squash It" Now Online!

We have uploaded our recent DVD release “Squash It” online! It is now available to watch all the way through, or section by section on OUR YOUTUBE PAGE…Enjoy!


Squashed: Behind The Kink Video on TCU

Big thanks to Scott and TCU for putting this rad interview together with Darryl. CLICK HERE to check it out!



Have you seen it?

Squash It. Available now for free, wherever Kink products are sold!



BTS NY/AZ Squash It Premieres!

Squash It Premieres – Behind The Scenes in NY/AZ from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.


Squash It Available Now!

Hit up our online store now! This DVD is FREE while supplies last. $3 includes a sticker pack, DVD and shipping anywhere in the US. It is also included with ANY order on the Kink store while supplies last. Internationally the cost will be $12 for sticker pack, DVD and shipping. You can grab the DVD for free via your local Kink retailer or favorite mail order while supplies last as well.


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