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All The Kink Product Info You Need!

In case you missed them, or still haven’t got the lowdown on our extensive range of Frames, Parts, and Bikes…check out our videos we did for Interbike 2016 containing all the specs, release dates and info you need.



Kink 2016 Parts Collection!

Get familiar with all our new goods and colorways from the Kink 2016 Collection! Available in stores and mailorders now…

Kink_BMX_2016_Parts_Collection_promoimage (1)


RIDE BMX Know Your Roll – Master Clamp

CLICK HERE for more info and photos from our Kink Master Clamp. A unique offering, for anyone that needs, or prefers, a removable Seat Clamp over a built-in one…

Master Clamp


Roll through the Kink Booth at Interbike with Vital BMX

Kink – Interbike 2015 – More BMX Videos


Interbike 2014 Wrap Up!

Kink at Interbike 2014 – More BMX Videos


BMX Union




New Samurai Grip Colors!

New colors of the Samurai grip now in stock! Holler at your favorite shop or mailorder to get your hands on ’em.
Samurai Grip - Red

Samurai Grip - Gum


November Video Recap

With the onslaught of sale flyers and endless web content…make sure you didn’t miss out on all things Kink from the last few weeks!

Dan Coller was welcomed to Eclat!

Vital BMX did a rad “Day in the Life” with Darryl

A Day in the Life of Darryl Tocco – More BMX Videos


Kink Tech Talk – Senec Pedals

Everything you need to know about our new Senec Pedals, available now!


Just In Time…New Products!

Wheels, Senec Pedals and Pedal Bodies, Mudrunner Headtube Badges, Drive Side Guards and Desist Front Brake Dual Cable Kits, are all available now and ready to be added to your Holiday wish list…

wheels_incite_K850  wheels_boulevard_K880 badge_kink_mudrunner

kink-senec-pedals-SPINDLE pedals-senec-square





Battle of the Freecoasters

*** Update: This project was put on hold indefinitely and was never put into production. We have since developed and released an improved freecoaster hub and wheel design based on traditional clutch technology. Please check out our Kink East-Coaster hub if you are looking for a great freecoaster! ***

With nearly every brand putting out another freecoaster these days, it’s probably no surprise to see one more popping up on the internet. Nearly a year ago we started developing our take on the freecoaster, and it’s a bit different than anything else you may have seen. We’ve been getting a lot of questions about the hub Tony Hamlin has been riding for the last several months and hopefully this answers a few of those.


You’ll notice this is our standard cassette driver, with a few crucial modifications. With the addition of our unique retention ring and coaster pawls, our cassette is easy transformed into a freecoaster.


Probably the biggest advantage to the Kink freecoaster system; it’s a simple upgrade to the existing Kink Incite cassette hub only. Simply purchase a few parts to upgrade your driver to a freecoaster. Another advantage is that you can have an 8T (or 9T) freecoaster, which doesn’t currently exist on the market. Of course if you aren’t feeling the freecoaster, you can easily switch it back to a cassette.

Tony Hamlin giving his Incite freecoaster setup a workout back in August.

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