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One Hit Wednesday #20 Ft. Chris Doyle

Chris is no stranger to these types of situations, and once again comes out on top in this battle on the outskirts of Pittsburgh. Playing with fire is an understatement here, but after avoiding some insanely close calls, Doyle nailed it. Insane.

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One Hit Wednesday #19 Ft. Sean Sexton

Another classic from The Kink House project. Sean has been kicking the best down whips in bmx for a long time now, but I believe this was his first out a feeble. I think even Sean was surprised at how easy he made it seem.


One Hit Wednesday #18 Ft. Lloyd Wright

We used to session this school all the time when we were all living together in Long Beach, CA. Lloyd called out this line one day and we were all pretty skeptical, but it probably only took 15 minutes for him to stomp this one out. Insane, especially in 2011.


One Hit Wednesday #17 Ft. Albert Mercado

We were mob deep with the Kink AM Team of 2010, on a filming trip for “Jetlagged”. A few days in San Diego, and some cruising with Albert and the locals brought us to this school for the Deaf (I think?)…long story short, Albert busted out this insane out rail, with no short hop to it, and the clip turned out great. We even got a young Lashaan Kobza blonde wig cameo! Enjoy…


One Hit Wednesday #16 Ft. Chad Osburn

This kinked rail in Albany, NY has been murdered over the years. We rolled up to it last year not expecting much, but to our surprise it was the pegless guy that had the most to offer it. Chad is the best.


One Hit Wednesday #15 Ft. Calvin Kosovich

While visiting Mexico City early last year, the locals we were cruising with insisted we check out this rail, which one of them had nearly gotten himself. He wanted someone else to do it, and our dude Calvin gladly obliged. After a few close calls it was a wrap, Calvin rules!

Re-enjoy the Mexico City edit in its entirety below!


One Hit Wednesday #14 Ft. Connor Lodes

Connor has become known over the past few years to send overgrinds down rails that are scary enough to straight grind. We came upon this setup on the outskirts of Barcelona a few months back and for some reason Connor didn’t seem to sweat it too much…we however, were shocked.


One Hit Wednesday #13 Ft. Tony Hamlin

Tony is pretty notorious for losing his temper while filming. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to do crazy shit, and when we’re filming for big projects like “Squash It”, it’s even more extreme. Tony was trying this bar manual to feeble switch whip for some time while we were visiting Seoul, South Korea. It was super cold out and also really windy, two factors that you don’t need in your life for barspin to manual lines. Eventually he lost it and sent his bike into this ledge, but since the front of the ledge was banked, the bike went flying, directly into Darryl’s LCD screen. Keep it together, Tony.


One Hit Wednesday #12 Ft. Albert Mercado

“Albert spotted this caveman while we were filming trip for Squash It in Tucson, AZ. The bridge is obviously stupid high and the bank is super short for the drop, but Albert decided to send it anyway. Luckily the crash only resulted in a few weeks off of his bike, it could have been much more ugly. Albert is an animal.”


One Hit Wednesday #11 Ft. Darryl Tocco

Darryl Tocco polishing off his “Squash It” part at this popular Long Beach, CA spot. A steep drain and fast rollout made this seem almost un-doable. Darryl put in work, and got it done!

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