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Kristaps Riga Plaza Session!

Kristaps Reimanis absolutely shredding his local in Riga, Latvia on a fresh Williams Frame build, that unfortunately was stolen shortly after…but he’ll be on another soon!


Kristaps Reimanis – Misson Malaga PT 2!

Latvian Kink Rider Kristaps Reimanis is back with some more fire from his winter escape to Malaga, Spain!


Kristaps Reimanis Mission Malaga Video!

“With the amount of sunny and joyful videos you get from any part of Spain, here is one made of blood, sweat and attitude. Kristaps Reimanis got robbed during his way to Malaga and was left with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, but that didn’t slow down the trip. Kristaps continued to crush all the spots on his way one by one – just like a man on a mission.” – Edited by Tom Silin.


Kristaps Reimanis Lost Clips!

Par BMX graced us with some footage of our Latvian connect Kristaps Reimanis they had laying around. Kristaps is a rad dude, and super fun to ride with. Enjoy!


Kristaps Reimanis in Amsterdam Video!

New Kristaps Reimanis video! Shredding for Kink in Latvia, Kristaps headed to Amsterdam for a month of chiling, and riding…the result is a few minutes of good spots, and rail destruction from our Latvian connect!


Par BMX – Kristaps Reimanis & Friends

You’ll remember Kristaps Reimanis from his insane clips from Kink Intervention…repping Kink out of Riga, Latvia! Kristaps shreds with style, and is always having fun on his bike. Enjoy some skatepark bangers with him, and a couple other rippers out of Latvia!


Kristaps Reimanis in Athens!

Kristaps and Par BMX took a trip to Athens, Greece and put it down…enjoy!

parbmx-athens-film-56 parbmx-athens-film-59

PARBMX ATHENS 2015 from PARBMX on Vimeo.


Kristaps Reimanis for Kink 2014

Kristaps repping Kink for Par BMX in Latvia…enjoy!

PARBMX / Kristaps Reimanis for KINK 2014 from PARBMX on Vimeo.


Kristaps Reimanis

Shredding Adrenaline Alley in Riga, Latvia for Par BMX and Kink!

Kristaps Reimanis @ Adrenaline Alley from Janis/PARBMX on Vimeo.


Kristaps Reimanis for Kink

We are proud to announce that Kristaps is now part of the Kink BMX international team via Par BMX. Follow Kristaps and KINK on Instagram: @mrkristaps / @kinkbikes

Kristaps Reimanis welcome to KINK from Janis/PARBMX on Vimeo.

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