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Kent Pearson Myriad Video

Longtime Kink affiliate Kent Pearson has a fresh new video, full of his creative riding, and surgical use of the Kink Desist Brakes, and New Kink Myriad Detangler! Kent is a veteran at having fun, and shredding on his bike.



Kent Keeps It OG!

Kent Pearson is always pumping energy into the Georgia scene, and sent through a few shots with his new Raw SXTN build!

Kent-SXTNbikeKent-can270transfer Kent-mower


Kent Pearson Interview on The Union!

Kent has been in the game a long time, and on top of being a Kink family member for life…it is always good to hear what the older, wiser dudes have to say about riding and staying in the mix. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!




Kent Pearson Edit!

Kent is a brake aficionado, and has been putting our Desist Brakes to the test. Always stoked to see Kent pushing himself and shredding…

Desist from Ryan Davis on Vimeo.



Our main man down in Georgia, Kent Pearson is always rocking a fresh set up. This is his current Empire Rev C set up with Kink stuff all over it.

Kent-Nosewhipcan Kent-RevC

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