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Connor Lodes Kink Redwood Part!

Kink Pro Connor Lodes repping his Signature Kink Redwood Frame on choice setups all over Southern California! Connor is a beast, and his Kink Redwood frame is designed and built to withstand and adapt to the many things that Connor can ride so well.


Inside Connors new Redwood build!

CLICK HERE to check out some words, insight, and photos as Kink Pro Connor Lodes shares his new signature Kink Redwood Frame on Vital BMX!


Connor Lodes!

Connor keeping things casual in San Diego…with this massive railhop drop! Shot by Jake Petruchik. Connor is currently testing a new Kink Frame in the works…stay tuned for more info soon!



Learn Fastplant 360's with Connor!


Connor Lodes Bike Check!

CLICK HERE for a full bike rundown of Connors current Solace II setup!

connor-check-mugSolace II


Connor Lodes Demo Web Part!

Some new heavy footage from our dude Connor Lodes. Connor has a Demolition Parts Signature Seat that just dropped as well!


Doyle and Connor on the road!

Demolition Parts has been updating from the road with some rad photos of the dudes camping and hitting some concrete in Colorado…

connor-tbog doyle-cancan


One Hit Wednesday #14 Ft. Connor Lodes

Connor has become known over the past few years to send overgrinds down rails that are scary enough to straight grind. We came upon this setup on the outskirts of Barcelona a few months back and for some reason Connor didn’t seem to sweat it too much…we however, were shocked.


The Turn Down The Suck Tour continues on…not sucking!

We have been hitting shops all over SoCal the last week, and will be heading North this week. If we’re hitting your region, come hang out! Follow Kink on Instagram and Twitter – @KinkBikes

Connor timelapse 2 (1 of 2)

Connor timelapse 2 (2 of 2)


Photos shot by Connor Lodes



Kink Turn Down The Suck Tour 2015!

If you’re in California…or close enough…come hang!


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