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Calvin Charges El Toro!

Watch Calvin Kosovich charge El Toro and take a brutal slam in the name of going hard, and going in for the camera!


Calvin Kosovich recounts his Vans “Illustrated” ender!

Calvin Kosovich takes you through the paces of getting his last trick, from his epic part in the new Vans “Illustrated” full length, available now!


#KinkHouse – Downtown Street Vibes

Take a cruise with the Kink House residents, from our doorstep to Downtown San Diego and back! We took advantage of a perfect So-Cal Sunday afternoon, and left the Kink van behind for some classic pedaling in the streets. Lots of East Coast in the house for this one…riders including Darryl Tocco, Dan Coller, Matt Miller, Joe Niranonta, Bob Randel, Ben Basford, Jay Roe, Dave Fortman, and Calvin Kosovich.


#KinkHouse – Inter-dimensional Shit Storm to Orange County

Follow the squad as Tony Hamlin leads the way on a day trip to Orange County, CA from the Kink House San Diego!


#KinkHouse Driveway Sessions

‪#‎KinkHouse‬ Driveway Session! Check out the current Kink House residents getting a morning warmup session in, outside the front of our pad in San Diego, California…riding from Travis Hughes, Tony Hamlin, Jacob Cable, Dan Coller, Jake Petruchik, and Ben Basford. Shouts to the Subrosa Rail, and Albert Mercado for lending us his for our stay!


How-To Polejam with Calvin!

Calvin Kosovich gives you the rundown on the Polejam from RIDE BMX!


Mix 2 – Kink Intervention Section 6!

Watch the second Mix section from our Kink “Intervention” release! Featuring Albert Mercado, Calvin Kosovich, Jack Acosta, and Aaron Smith covering ground in Costa Rica, California, Australia and the East Coast USA!


Re-Watch Calvin Kosovich's Nothing Left To Lose Part!

Very epic release from this past year of Web Parts…Calvin Kosovich went fully in for “Nothing Left To Lose”…


Grinding Rails with Calvin!

One of the burliest dudes out, Calvin Kosovich breaks down the art of jumping on a handrail…


Calvin Kosovich Has A New Ride!

Calvin is back stateside after a stint back in the homeland of Australia. He put together a fresh bike, built up almost completely of Kink goods!

IMG_5356 IMG_5359


Black ED Muddrunner 21’’

Yukon Rear Wheel

Boulevard Front Wheel

Street Pegs

Lyra Tires

Boulevard Hub Guard

Rear Nylon Guard

Senec Pedals

Grizzly Bars

Pillar Cranks 175mm

CST Forks

SXTN Stealth BLK

Bedlam Sprocket 28T

Highrise Stem 53m

Ideal Barends

Alpha Grips

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