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Bob Randel Kink X Baygame Video!

Kink AM Bob Randel pushes the limits of putting pegs on things from The Bay area California, to Barcelona, Spain! Tons of setups, and unique moves from one of our favorite dudes to hang and ride with.


#KinkHouse – Downtown Street Vibes

Take a cruise with the Kink House residents, from our doorstep to Downtown San Diego and back! We took advantage of a perfect So-Cal Sunday afternoon, and left the Kink van behind for some classic pedaling in the streets. Lots of East Coast in the house for this one…riders including Darryl Tocco, Dan Coller, Matt Miller, Joe Niranonta, Bob Randel, Ben Basford, Jay Roe, Dave Fortman, and Calvin Kosovich.


Bob Randel, Matt Miller, Sean Sexton – Kink Intervention Section

Check out the introduction and opening section from our Kink “Intervention” release!



Kink Turn Down The Suck Tour 2015!

If you’re in California…or close enough…come hang!



2013 in Kink Edits!

We started off the year with one of my favorite watches for 2013…The Kink Travel Retrospective…

Some would say this trip went a little bit unnoticed by the general public…we took a BMX trip using a cruise ship! WTF right?

We premiered our 3rd full length DVD; Squash It!

We made the annual trip to Vegas for Interbike…

We added Australian rail boss, Calvin Kosovich to the family…

Chad Osburn put out a well received web part…

We added the homie Bob Randel to the family…

James Steele finished up a web part we’d been working on for a good part of the year. This was one of my personal highlights for the year. Traveling and filming for this throughout the year was so much fun. James went hard for Canada and for Kink.


Treasure Island Jam Edit!

The Brokleg dudes out of the Bay area are holding it down and the newest Flow recruit, Bob Randel is always repping!

Brokleg TI Jam from Felipe Gonzalez on Vimeo.


Fresh Faces and Fresh Footage

The last few months we have dropped tons of stuff featuring new additions to the Kink Family and new footage from the dudes you already know and love!


Bob Randel

Modesto, California’s finest, Bob Randel puts it down in the name of his new spot on the Kink flow team. So stoked to see more footage from Bob this coming year…

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