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Kink Sprockets!

We have always taken pride in our line of strong, reliable, and precision machined sprockets. Our range couldn’t be stronger right now, with options for any kind of rider. CLICK HERE or the photos below, for all the info on our available sprockets…

Astro Sprocket 19mm Spline Astro Sprocket

sprocket_minusone_8125_group-550x367Bedlam Sprocket Bedlam Sprocket

Static Sprocket


Insight into The Kink Stealth Pivotal Seat System

Watch this video for a rundown of the Kink Stealth Pivotal Seat System, its benefits, and just how it works!


The Wright Tire!

Watch Lloyd put his new signature tires to work from his release this past August. These guys are available now and can be yours by purchasing from your local Kink retailer or favorite mail-order!

The Wright Tire

Weight: 2.2” 20.6oz / 2.4” 21.3oz
Colors: Black
Available in 2.2” and 2.4” Widths
65PSI Max Tire Pressure
Full Micro-Knurling For Extra Traction
Low Profile Smooth Tread Design
Ideal for Park and Street



Fresh Kink Build Breakdown

A brand new Kink! This bike is built up entirely of Kink products available right now (besides the SXTN Frame available in March).

photo 1

Kink’s Tony Hamlin Solace Bars, 53mm High Rise Stem, Ideal Bar ends…

photo 2

The Kink Pivotal Stealth Seat and Post, inside the SXTN Frame Seat Tube and Integrated Seat Post Clamp. Super clean, simple, and easy to install.

photo 4

Up front…Kink Lyra Tire, Foundation Forks in 32mm offset, Boulevard Front Hub laced to an Atlas Rim, Plastic Drift Peg, and a Plastic Boulevard Hub Guard.

photo 3

In the rear…Lyra Tire, 9t LHD Incite Rear Hub laced to an Atlas Rim. Plastic Drift Peg and Plastic Incite Rear Hub Guard.


Kink Pillar Cranks 175mm, Minus One Sprocket 28t, and Senec Pedals.




Interbike 2014 Wrap Up!

Kink at Interbike 2014 – More BMX Videos


BMX Union




Tony Hamlin Kink BMX 2014 Part!

Enjoy, as Tony crushes spots with his signature style…all while riding and testing his signature line of Kink “Solace” parts…

Solace II

Solace II



Aaron Smith Kink/Demolition Video

Aaron has been stacking footage since coming off an injury and running his new juice bar The Fresh Press. Shout out to Lee Hopkins for putting this together, enjoy!


Look Good…Feel Good!

We’ve got you covered for your apparel and accessory needs, whether you’re heading back to school or just trying to look steezy for the fall! Everything is available at your local Kink retailer and in our Kink Online Store.





Chad Osburn Video Bike Check

Chad gives you the rundown on his current Kink/Gsport setup!

Chad Osburn: Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos



MudRunner Frame

CST Forks


CST Forks



Human Bars


Stealth Seat and Post



Samurai Grips


Minus One Sprocket



Titan Frame – Raw

Available now! The Titan frame includes a shorter rear end set up, sleek look, and built to ride street with.


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