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Kink BMX Saturday Selects – Episode 26

Nathan and Darryl put together his “Welcome to Kink” piece during just a few days in San Diego. Take a look at the behind the scenes cuts, and raw footy from a hard fought few days in the streets!


Nathan Williams On Kink BMX!

Kink BMX is honored to welcome 2018, and another progressive year for Kink and BMX, with the announcement of Nathan Williams to the Kink Pro Team! Nathan will be repping Kink, continuing to leave his mark on street spots and setups around the world, with a new family and plenty of projects in the works. As always, our focus remains on promoting the best riders in the game, with high quality products, and endless travels with the squad to back it all up! We’re as stoked for the future, as we are proud of the past; stay tuned and stay the course!

Shot and edited by Darryl Tocco.


A Day Out In San Diego With Dan Coller!

Vital BMX caught up with Dan while out in San Diego this past week, and followed him about town for a day! Catch a glimpse of a day in the life with Dan, and see what this guy is up to between Acai Bowls and handrails.


Kink BMX x Mo Bike Co. Argentina Tour Video!

Follow the squad in Argentina through Buenos Aires and Rosario, stacking clips, and taking in the good vibes of the great country! Sean Sexton, Travis Hughes, Casey Starling, and introducing Agustin Gutierrez.

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco.

Huge thanks to Mo Bike Co. and all the locals we met for all the help and support during the trip and for Kink in Argentina.

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Darryl Tocco Final Pro Part

Darryl has been focusing his efforts on the filming side more recently, but has still quietly been stacking his classic bangers over the last year, to put together one last section of timeless, clean, and original street riding. Darryl has been instrumental in everything we have been doing since 2006, and has played a huge role in our history both in front and behind the camera. He has traversed the world with us, documenting everything, and shredding along the way. This is by no means the last you’ll hear of Darryl Tocco; because of course his influence will always be prevalent, as he continues to produce high quality Kink video content full time! Cheers Darryl, to the past, present, and future!

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