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2017 Kink BMX Fall Apparel Collection Video!

Brand new 2017 Kink BMX Fall Apparel is available now at finer BMX retailers worldwide and RIGHT HERE in the Kink Store! Check out your favorite Kink riders swaggin’ in the new goods below…


Kink BMX Saturday Selects – Episode 4

Legendary Kink Pro Chris Doyle makes everything look like butter; but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t work for it! This weekends Saturday Selects features some not so characteristic Doyle clips, cringingly handpicked by Darryl Tocco!

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Kink BMX 2017 Fall Apparel Collection!

The Kink 2017 Fall Apparel Collection is in stock and available now HERE and at finer BMX retailers worldwide! Once again we bring you a fresh, and authentic line of stylish BMX apparel to rep. Check out the line in full in the new catalog below!


Calvin Kosovich and The Kink Brawler Rims!

Kink Pro Calvin Kosovich puts his trust in the Kink Brawler Rims when going hard in the streets! The Kink Brawler Rims and the rest of the Kink Parts Collections are available now, HERE and at finer BMX retailers worldwide…


Kink BMX Saturday Selects – Episode 3

Episode 3 of our Saturday Selects Series features some of Darryl Toccos favorite clips from the past few years with Sean Sexton kicking those legendary Switch Whips!

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Mike Garcia Fresno Rail Destruction!

Kink Flow Bro Mike Garcia absolutely crushing the streets of Fresno, California for his latest web release! Our dude goes hard!


Kink BMX Saturday Selects – Episode 2

Episode 2 of our “Saturday Selects” follows Kink Pro Tony Hamlin in the Mexico City streets! Filmed, edited, and handpicked by Darryl Tocco.



Dan Coller and The Kink CST Fork and Rex Bars!

Kink Pro Dan Coller gives you a quick run down of why he puts his trust into the Kink Rex Bars, and Kink CST Forks when on daily cruises, and bombing handrails!



Kink BMX Saturday Selects – Episode 1

We’re kicking off Episode 1 of Kink BMX “Saturday Selects” with Kink AM Bob Randel battling the elusive 60/40 grind in the streets! Saturday Selects will feature hand-picked clips from legendary Kink rider and filmer, Darryl Tocco. Darryl has been documenting all the Kink travels for the last decade or so, and will be posting up his choice selects new and old. Enjoy!


A Detailed Look at The Kink Pillar 24 Cranks!

The Kink Pillar 24 Cranks are available now from The Kink Store and finer BMX retailers worldwide. Take a more in-depth look at how our tried and true Kink Pillar Cranks, got even better!

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