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Ride BMX “What I Ride” – Darryl Tocco Bike Check

CLICK HERE for an in-depth look at Darryl Tocco’s current Kink Titan Frame build from Ride BMX!



Learn the art of the Nollie from Calvin!

Calvin Kosovich takes some time out of his busy schedule to inundate you with tips, pointers, and philosophies of the nollie. The nollie is an extremely versatile trick and as Calvin points out, once you’ve got some nollie pop it can actually be a game changer.. Down drops, into rails, fakie onto ledges, over things; the nollie will be there for you through thick and thin. Brought to you from Ride BMX!


Casey Starling One Week in Rochester, NY!

Hailing from Northern New Jersey, we brought Kink rider Casey Starling to Rochester, NY for the first time, to take in the sights and hit the streets, with Kink Pro Dan Coller for a week! Filmed and edited by Dan Coller.



Tony Hamlin Extreme Unboxing Video!

Kink Pro Tony Hamlin takes you through one of the most extreme unboxing videos you have ever seen, building up his signature Kink 2017 Solace Complete Bike, shredding it, and then giving it away! Enjoy the commentary!


Marcus Christopher Backyard Video!

Kink Rider and certified 13 year old badass Marcus Christopher just dropped a new video, pushing himself and his moves on his epic backyard setup! Enjoy his insane levels of progression…


Jake Petruchik Small Town Video

Check out the new Merritt BMX video from Kink AM Jake Petruchik, spreading his casual style in the North East!


Kristaps Reimanis Bike Check!

CLICK HERE for the full rundown on the sweet new ride from our Latvian connect Kristaps Reimanis; repping a fresh Tony Hamlin Solace III Frame build!



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All The Kink Product Info You Need!

In case you missed them, or still haven’t got the lowdown on our extensive range of Frames, Parts, and Bikes…check out our videos we did for Interbike 2016 containing all the specs, release dates and info you need.


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