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Chad Osburn. Pure Badass.

Take a look back at this epic Chad Osburn video release, from a few years ago. We’re stoked to see Chad and Chris Doyle heading to Huntington Beach, CA this July for the Vans US Open Bowl Contest!


The Kink House II

The Kink Team spent a month residing in San Diego, California taking in the spots, the sun, good people, and the beach! Stacking a ton of content from livestreams, video uploads, and filming for web parts coming this summer…you can re-visit all the uploads here! Enjoy some unreleased, and some released, footage from The Kink House so far!


Most Extreme Plaza Stunts with Tony Hamlin!

The video kind of speaks for itself…enjoy!


It doesn’t matter how much you want to stop…you’re not going to.

Take a cruise through the Kink Youtube Channel and check out our features like the Kink Intervention Playlist!


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The Future – Travis Hughes Article

DIG BMX caught up with Travis Hughes recently, and had a few questions. CLICK HERE to check out the article!

Odyssey-Miami_DIG_BMX_aw-27 Odyssey-Miami_DIG_BMX_aw-76

Photos shot by Andrew White.


Calvin Kosovich recounts his Vans “Illustrated” ender!

Calvin Kosovich takes you through the paces of getting his last trick, from his epic part in the new Vans “Illustrated” full length, available now!


#KinkHouse – Dan Coller Goes To War With The X-Grind!

The struggle is real out there in the streets! Dan Coller spent the first few days of the Kink House project trying to get some X-up Grinds under his belt…and unfortunately things didn’t go as well as planned. Follow Dan around San Diego for a few days as he pushes himself until he can’t do it anymore….

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Shurva Tailwhip Compilation!

Alexander “Shurva” Rudenko put together this insane compilation of the outrageous Tailwhip variations he has under his belt! Shurva is a beast…


#KinkHouse Builds – Ben Basfords Black/Chrome Titan!

Ben Basford spent a full 4 weeks at the Kink House, and didn’t waste a day of his SoCal BMX vacation. Ben put together a Black Chrome Kink Titan Frame, decked out with Kink parts including our prototype Eastman Full Guard Sprocket we are working on, and shredded hard the whole time. Enjoy some Basford clips, and take a look through his current Kink build! Look for this colorway in the Titan frame coming to shops this summer, and stay tuned for more details on the Kink Eastman Full Guard Sprocket.

CLICK HERE for more info, details, and pictures of the Kink Titan Frame! 

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