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Save The Hopkinton Park!

A skatepark that meant a lot to the East Coast summers, and Kink riders that used to spend their time there. A local park of Aaron Smith himself, along with many other riders to come from New Hampshire, and the surrounding areas!

In 2003, the Spirit Skate Park opened in memory of Rob Carr and Jake Shumway. Unfortunately, the park was closed last year due to safety hazards and is in need of serious repairs to be reopened.

A coalition of residents—including people who helped build the park in 2003 and high school and middle school students who want to see the park reopened—has volunteered to form the Friends of the Hopkinton Spirit Skate Park committee. Together, we are committed to raising the funds required to repair the park and maintain it in the future.

To make your tax-deductible donation, click the link below or send a check to the Hopkinton Town Hall, 330 Main Street, Hopkinton, NH.


Spirit Skatepark FB


Aaron Smith shot by Jeff Allen.


Chris Doyle Ender Ender – Safety First

Chris Doyle throwing hammers down in the streets since…forever! A look back at Doyles Kink “Safety First” ender, with some insight from the man himself, from DIG BMX.


Kink Intervention Full Video!

Intervention has finally made its way to the web, in full, to stay, for your viewing enjoyment!

This is Kink BMX – Intervention. A culmination of riding from the entire Kink BMX team filmed over the last part of 2015. Filmed by Darryl Tocco, Dan Coller, and Calvin Kosovich in the Southwest USA, California, East Coast USA, Costa Rica, Barcelona, and Latvia. This was an effort to not only get the whole team together, and showcase Kink for 2016…but to also take some time to have fun, shed light on the intricacies of your favorite Kink riders, continue traveling, put a bangin’ soundtrack together, and hope that this project gets you motivated to ride each day you click play!

On top of that….We broke our own guidelines to the video…and present you a full scale, real deal, Dan Coller Video Part. Filmed over the course of 2015 and during the filming for Intervention….there’s not many words that can sum up just how crazy this riding is. It is something you need to witness in video…and hopefully catch a session with Dan in person, to truly appreciate and respect. Dan is pushing burly, fast street riding…at a scary pace.


Hit The Bottle with Dave!

CLICK  HERE  for an interview with Kinks Art Director, Dave Fortman. DIG BMX talks to Dave about the Intervention imagery we have been rolling out the last few months with the vid!

digbmx-kinkintervention-DF_deskwork digbmx-kinkintervention-DF_Wall-to-Smith


Thank You!

A big thanks to everyone who tuned in, and was a part of the Kink Intervention Live-stream premiere and Live-chat! It was a new thing for us, and we couldn’t be more happy about how it turned out. If you missed the video premiere…do not worry! Stay tuned to the web this week…



Kink BMX – Intervention Live Stream Premiere!


Travis Hughes – AM Spotlight

RIDE BMX produced an amazing piece with Travis, containing some insight and comments into Travis as a dude, off his bike. The riding footage is just insane, and speaks for itself…enjoy!


Intervention Imagery

RIDE BMX did an amazing job putting together a gallery of our Intervention Imagery and select riding photos from around the globe, shot during the filming…CLICK HERE to enjoy…


Jake Petruchik in Boston, MA. Shot by Lee Hopkins.


RIDE BMX Darryl Tocco Intervention Interview

RIDE caught up with Darryl before the premiere of Intervention this weekend! CLICK HERE for all the details…




Albert Mercado talks Kink Intervention on Vital BMX!

CLICK HERE for insight from Albert on the project, via!



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