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Panama City, Panama Trip Video!

After a trip fell through last minute to Honduras (due to some real world problems)…we decided instead of not going anywhere…to find the next best place that was cheap enough to enjoy. Panama City, Panama came to mind. After a few phone calls and text messages to some people that have been there…the tickets were booked, and our luxury sky rise apartment was payed for! Besides that, we didn’t know much about the place, or what we were getting into. Come to find out, the place is stacked. The footage you see is a mere 3% of what there is to ride in the city. Security is super tight, police are everywhere, and it is just plain not easy to ride spots there. You have to take a completely different approach to filming and riding in Panama; one that not many of the dudes are accustomed to. With all the hassles of security, strange people, language barriers, and cops with machine guns…we had an amazing time, and are stoked to have been able to not only ride some new spots, but meet the locals and have an awesome session. Thanks to everyone down there for the hospitality, and especially Ramon Pereira for the help and support during our trip.

Filmed and edited by Darryl Tocco

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Kink Astro 4130 Sprocket – RIDE BMX Know Your Roll

“The Astro sprocket is super thin and super light, thanks to it being made from the same material as your frame/fork/bars etc. Using heat treated 4130 Chromoly Steel makes this sprocket super strong for being super thin, 4.5mm thin to be exact! Kink used a super space age design to be totally out of this world! For some of you who didn’t look at Porn Hub and Tinder during science class will recognize that the design is that of an atom, not Atom Man from The Simpsons. Using arched triangular shapes, they were able to get the most out of the little bit of material used.” READ MORE HERE…

Astro Sprocket 19mm Spline


Astro Sprocket


Max Bergmann – Germany

Max reps Kink in Germany and is always killing whatever he is riding. Super well rounded from the streets to transition. Enjoy him and his homies cruising…


Connor Lodes Demo Web Part!

Some new heavy footage from our dude Connor Lodes. Connor has a Demolition Parts Signature Seat that just dropped as well!


Vital Game Of Bike! Round 1's

Travis and Albert heading to L.A. and took part in the Vital Game of Bike contest…Congrats to Travis on taking 3rd!

Travis Hughes vs Sean Ricany – More BMX Videos

Dan Quinn vs Albert Mercado – More BMX Videos



One-Hit Ft. Darryl Tocco

As the Freecoaster, and looking at the possibilities of riding setups backwards has become the forefront of street riding at the moment…it is important to remember the dudes that were pushing the backwards game many, many years ago…with cassettes! Darryl definitely stands out as one of those guys. Give his Kink “Safety First”, and RIDE BMX “Insight” sections another watch after enjoying this throwback clip to Darryl proving his place in the backwards history books. Filmed in Atlanta by Talem Cowart 6 years ago.

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Turn Down The Suck Tour II Video

On our most recent TDTS Tour, we hit the West Coast and RIDE BMX was on hand to capture a glimpse into the party…


Jake Petruchik Vital Vid!

One of the most underrated dudes coming out of the East Coast right now is Jake Petruchik. Vital caught up with him in Rochester, NY to get a taste of his riding and style, with some help from his West Coast doppelganger, Jack Acosta. Enjoy!

Jake Petruchik: A Vital BMX Exclusive – More BMX Videos


Grinding Rails with Calvin!

One of the burliest dudes out, Calvin Kosovich breaks down the art of jumping on a handrail…


Calvin Kosovich Has A New Ride!

Calvin is back stateside after a stint back in the homeland of Australia. He put together a fresh bike, built up almost completely of Kink goods!

IMG_5356 IMG_5359


Black ED Muddrunner 21’’

Yukon Rear Wheel

Boulevard Front Wheel

Street Pegs

Lyra Tires

Boulevard Hub Guard

Rear Nylon Guard

Senec Pedals

Grizzly Bars

Pillar Cranks 175mm

CST Forks

SXTN Stealth BLK

Bedlam Sprocket 28T

Highrise Stem 53m

Ideal Barends

Alpha Grips

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