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Travis Hughes and Jacob Cable ODSY Tour

These two are climbing the ranks quick. They are on the road, progressing, hitting shops, and looking good doing it!


Lock Up III Hat Available Now!

A teaser for the up coming Kink Fall Apparel Drop…The Lock Up III Hat in Black/Black Acid Wash Under Brim is available now at your preferred Kink retailer, or HERE in the Kink Store.

Lock-Up III Snapback unnamed


Dan Coller's Solace Rundown

Dan keeps it casual by his standards for this new Vital vid…

Dan Coller: Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos


One Hit Wednesday #19 Ft. Sean Sexton

Another classic from The Kink House project. Sean has been kicking the best down whips in bmx for a long time now, but I believe this was his first out a feeble. I think even Sean was surprised at how easy he made it seem.


Give It Up – Northwest Mix

Kink Team Manager Jay Roe, and rider James Steele casually cruising Seattle, WA and Vancouver, BC this past May…Enjoy!


One Hit Wednesday #18 Ft. Lloyd Wright

We used to session this school all the time when we were all living together in Long Beach, CA. Lloyd called out this line one day and we were all pretty skeptical, but it probably only took 15 minutes for him to stomp this one out. Insane, especially in 2011.


Media and Marketing Coordinator Position Available!

Read the details, and see if this job opening at Kink BMX and Blackout Distribution is for you!




Storm Doors and Subways: East Coast Road Trip

Some of the guys hit the road recently hitting up Rochester, Philadelphia, and Long Island. Put together by Dan Coller; we hope you enjoy this mix of the dudes cruising and meeting up with the homies!


Kent Keeps It OG!

Kent Pearson is always pumping energy into the Georgia scene, and sent through a few shots with his new Raw SXTN build!

Kent-SXTNbikeKent-can270transfer Kent-mower


One Hit Wednesday #17 Ft. Albert Mercado

We were mob deep with the Kink AM Team of 2010, on a filming trip for “Jetlagged”. A few days in San Diego, and some cruising with Albert and the locals brought us to this school for the Deaf (I think?)…long story short, Albert busted out this insane out rail, with no short hop to it, and the clip turned out great. We even got a young Lashaan Kobza blonde wig cameo! Enjoy…

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