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One Hit Wednesday #11 Ft. Darryl Tocco

Darryl Tocco polishing off his “Squash It” part at this popular Long Beach, CA spot. A steep drain and fast rollout made this seem almost un-doable. Darryl put in work, and got it done!

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Desert Gold – KC Badger

Kc Badger has been making the transition from BMX Rider to BMX Rider/Respected Fisherman over the last few years. Reddington just dropped this bad ass episode showing Kc taking in everything Phoenix has to offer…

Find Your Water: Season 1, Episode 3: Desert Gold from Redingtongear on Vimeo.

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Dan Coller Eclat Vid!

Kink Pro Dan Coller, hammers away at setups for this new piece for his parts hookup, Eclat…Enjoy!

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The Turn Down The Suck Tour continues on…not sucking!

We have been hitting shops all over SoCal the last week, and will be heading North this week. If we’re hitting your region, come hang out! Follow Kink on Instagram and Twitter – @KinkBikes

Connor timelapse 2 (1 of 2)

Connor timelapse 2 (2 of 2)


Photos shot by Connor Lodes


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One Hit Wednesday #10 Ft. Chris Doyle!

“Doyle is no stranger to going in on a burley street setup when the time calls for it. This terrifying gap to rail in Pittsburgh, PA was the last clip he tried to film for his “Squash It” section, and it haunted him throughout the entire filming process. Although it didn’t go as planned…its a shining example of just how gnarly Doyle is. Note him just about pulling it first try.”

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BMX Union – Kink Carabiner Spoke Wrench

CLICK HERE for a bit of info on our Carabiner Spoke Wrench, available now!


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West Coast Turn Down The Suck Tour 2015 Info and Dates!



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One Hit Wednesday #9 Ft. Calvin Kosovich

This setup at the famous River Block in Rochester has been sweated for a long time. During last years Turn Down The Suck tour, Calvin shrugged his shoulders and sent it without hesitating. The whole team was there to watch it go down and we were all relieved to see him ride away unscathed. Calvin rules.

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Jake Petruchik – Kink BMX 2015 Part

Effortless style and flow. Jake makes everything look casual and clean…enjoy!

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“Road to Nowhere” ODSY X Vans Video

Sexton, Travis Hughes, and Jacob Cable doing work for the new Vans Shoe colab with Odyssey!

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