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Support Cork!

CLICK HERE and send good vibes, money, or re-watch him blasting around the East Coast. Ryan holds down some of the warehouse duties at Blackout Distribution and is an instrumental part of our daily operations, helping get Kink parts from us to you!

CORK HACKLAW from bernard whiskey on Vimeo.

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New Dan Coller Part!

Dan has been stacking for the last few months to put together this amazing piece for Kink and Eclat!

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Look Good…Feel Good!

We’ve got you covered for your apparel and accessory needs, whether you’re heading back to school or just trying to look steezy for the fall! Everything is available at your local Kink retailer and in our Kink Online Store.




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Chad Osburn Video Bike Check

Chad gives you the rundown on his current Kink/Gsport setup!

Chad Osburn: Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos



MudRunner Frame

CST Forks


CST Forks



Human Bars


Stealth Seat and Post



Samurai Grips


Minus One Sprocket


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2015 Complete Bike

Whether you’re in the market for a new complete bike, or just enjoy watching well filmed, high quality bike riding…these videos are for you! Our team takes to the streets with our brand new line of complete bikes, available in stores now!

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Titan Frame – Raw

Available now! The Titan frame includes a shorter rear end set up, sleek look, and built to ride street with.


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Darryl Tocco’s “Insight” Part!

RIDE BMX uploaded Darryls section from their 2008 DVD release, along with a cool interview with Darryl. Check it out HERE and watch the section below…

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2014 BTS Lookbook

Check out our all new 2014 Back to School apparel collection. Available now!

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Turn Down The Suck Tour! comes to a close…

The tour doesn’t really slow down as it comes to an end in Connecticut…enjoy!

Kink – Turn Down The Suck Tour!: Days 7-9 – More BMX Videos

Shouts to Zack Krejmas and Vital BMX for doing such a good job covering the trip with us.

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Darryl Tocco 2014 Kink Part!

Enjoy as Darryl puts down his classic style on spots all over North America, in the name of his signature color way of the Titan Frame!


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