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Albert Mercado talks Kink Intervention on Vital BMX!

CLICK HERE for insight from Albert on the project, via Vitalbmx.com!



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Kink Intervention Live-Stream Premiere Details

We invite you and the entire BMX community to tune-in on Saturday! 2 showings of the entire Kink team going in, cut to a bangin’ soundtrack, and ready for you to enjoy, get motivated by, and go ride…


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Kink BMX – Intervention Trailer!

“Intervention” is a project involving the entire Kink team, over the course of the ending months of 2015. Riding spots from the USA, Costa Rica, Spain, and Latvia. Filmed by Darryl Tocco, Dan Coller, and Calvin Kosovich. Edited by Darryl Tocco.

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Tony Hamlin lives where?!

CLICK HERE to find out just where and why, Tony Hamlin is continuing to make the East Coast his home!


Shot by Rob Dolecki, Via DIGBMX.com

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Tony Hamlin/Phil Demattia Section!

Tony Hamlin and Phil Demattia split a section, destroying the cuts of Rochester, NY and surrounding areas from the “Roc Bottom” DVD…

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Rochester, NY’s Jayden Mucha Video

Jayden is only 13 years old, and a good friend of ours at Kink. We’re stoked to see him already ripping with style on his Kink Mudrunner Frame!

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Travis Hughes ODSY BMX Footage!

Travis absolutely kills it in the new release from Odyssey…check out his footage below!

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Alexander “Shurva” Rudenko Malta Video!

Alexander “Shurva” Rudenko killing it for Kink on his recent extended stay in Malta! Shurva is an animal…we hope to see him stateside next year! Shouts to Mike Mercieca on the production.

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Chris Doyle Pittsburgh Video

Rockstar Energy rolled through Chris Doyle’s hood to ride and film for a few days…classic Doyle!

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Kink Products Available in Panama!

We’re in good hands in Panama…Contact┬áThe Wall for all our goods!


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