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One Hit Wednesday #6 Ft. Aaron Smith

This was the final clip filmed during the making of Squash It. Aaron was in Austin for the last bit of filming and happened to get his ender on the last day of his trip. This part of town is … Continue reading

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Calvin Kosovich Bike Check!

Calvin gives you the full rundown on his new Mudrunner Frame build, and hits the streets for some clips for Vital! Calvin Kosovich: Riding + Bike Check – More BMX Videos

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One Hit Wednesday #5 Ft. Sean Sexton!

The BMX crash clip is something that represents the trials, tribulations, and the more serious side of filming and riding BMX. As of the past few years, the online crash clip has lost its place in BMX, and turned more … Continue reading

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One Hit Wednesday #4 ft. Tony Hamlin

While cruising around on our Mexico City tour last year, we came across these “tea cups” that we had recognized from previous bmx videos. They were super hard to ride and none of us could really come up with anything. … Continue reading

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Sean Sexton SXTN Web Part Online Now!

With the release of the new SXTN Signature Line, we bring you a fresh Sean Sexton web part! Watch and enjoy as Sean’s casual style gets put to use in The States, Copenhagen, Berlin, and Barcelona. Click the photos below … Continue reading

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Aaron Smith for OLP

Aaron’s textbook, smooth style, cruising Boston for OLP by Lee Hopkins. Enjoy! OLP – AARON SMITH from Lee Hopkins on Vimeo.

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One Hit Wednesday #3 – Chad Osburn

We passed by this skatepark one morning while on a filming trip in Northern California for Squash It. Chad casually pulled up next to the van at a nearby traffic light and said something about wanting to loop the full … Continue reading

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Remembering #justcruising

In 2013 we took a trip using a Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship as our main mode of transportation. Until the ship actually set sail, I didn’t think we were going to pull it off… Fortunately we did, and had the … Continue reading

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One Hit Wednesday #2 – Chris Doyle

Chris Doyle has been filming enders longer than most people have been riding. For our 2008 dvd, “Safety First” we ended up filming his last clip in Chapel Hill, NC. Chris had been sweating this manual gap to rail for … Continue reading

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One Hit Wednesday

Join Kink on YouTube every week for our new weekly video installment, One Hit Wednesday. We’ll be posting raw enders, crashes, and random entertainment from the team once a week, get into it and subscribe! 

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