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Hit The Bottle with Dave!

CLICK  HERE  for an interview with Kinks Art Director, Dave Fortman. DIG BMX talks to Dave about the Intervention imagery we have been rolling out the last few months with the vid!

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Intervention Imagery

RIDE BMX did an amazing job putting together a gallery of our Intervention Imagery and select riding photos from around the globe, shot during the filming…CLICK HERE to enjoy… Jake Petruchik in Boston, MA. Shot by Lee Hopkins.

Categories: Intervention, Photography

Tony Hamlin lives where?!

CLICK HERE to find out just where and why, Tony Hamlin is continuing to make the East Coast his home! Shot by Rob Dolecki, Via DIGBMX.com

Categories: Classic, Photography, Tony Hamlin

Panama City, Panama Photo Gallery!

CLICK HERE to check out the Panama City Trip Photos, shot by Devon Hutchins and posted on Vital BMX!

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Doyle and Connor on the road!

Demolition Parts has been updating from the road with some rad photos of the dudes camping and hitting some concrete in Colorado…

Categories: Chris Doyle, Connor Lodes, Photography, Trip

Panama City, Panama Trip is a wrap!

10 days in Panama City, Panama wasn’t nearly enough. Good locals, seemingly endless setups and spots, and a nice view from the apartment, made for another good Kink trip in the books. Video coming soon! Photo shot by Devon Hutchins.

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New 2015 Authentic Kink Apparel!

Available now! Take a look through the catalog featuring all of our apparel offerings going into this fall…

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On the road in the Northeast…

Darryl, Tony, Lil Dan, and Jake Petruchik spent the last week on the road hitting up Philly and Long Island, meeting up with Matty Miller, and Josh Pascasio. We’ll be releasing a trip edit in a few weeks! In the … Continue reading

Categories: Classic, Dan Coller, Darryl Tocco, Jake Petruchik, Josh Pascasio, Photography, Tony Hamlin

Kristaps Reimanis in Athens!

Kristaps and Par BMX took a trip to Athens, Greece and put it down…enjoy! PARBMX ATHENS 2015 from PARBMX on Vimeo.

Categories: Kristaps Reimanis, Photography, Video

2016 Kink Complete Bikes!

Our full 2016 Complete Bike Catalog is online now! Filled with all the details and photos of our new bikes, riding photos, and some words from us…take a look around, enjoy, and wait for their arrival! Bikes will be hitting … Continue reading

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