Kink Bikes in Asia

Thailand, South Korea and Japan. 26 days through Asia with the Kink team. Not exactly a typical BMX road trip, but then again we are not exactly a typical team. It is like taking your family on a gnarly vacation…there are going to be great times, bad times, tough times and unforgettable times. But when it is over and done with, there is no other group of people you could have or would have rather done it with. This was one of those trips that when it is over, you almost feel accomplished. Like we did something meaningful; something outside of the box. There is a lot to be said about a group of guys that leave their girlfriends, apartments, families, pets, wife and general responsibility behind to spend a month on the road not only promoting Kink, but promoting BMX. This compilation of words and photos is just a bit of insight into our adventure through Asia. 3 countries, 3 currencies, 3 languages, a ton of new friends and hopefully a handful of people that got to see firsthand what we love to do more than anything else in the world. Travel and ride bikes.

We could not have done this trip without the full support and passion for riding from the people we met along the way. Thank you so much to the following people and anyone else we came across along the way…Kaka and the Bangkok locals, Ross, Tao, The Champ, John Lee and everyone else in Seoul, 4130 BMX, Rie, Masaki, Fumito, Yuki, Yoshi, Shuji, and everyone at MX International, all the Tokyo locals, all of the amazing BMX shops in Japan, Del Mar, Reality, W-Base, Stroke, Five Star, BMX Rio.

Enjoy, and then get the homies together and plan your next trip. We will be doing the same!

– Jay Roe Kink BMX 2012